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Jordan Dawes, Photographer, Filmmaker, Artist, and Hellraiser, was born and raised in London, England.

Jordan has been active in the arts and sports since childhood. He moved to Massachusetts at age ten with his family where through high school he played soccer, studied architecture, film and fine arts. He then moved to North Carolina to continue his education in design, art, journalism, business, film and video production.

Jordan has always been a creative inventor, beginning in college with the invention of the first three-funnel beer bong and a drill bit for easy upside-down drilling and screwing for the construction industry. After Jordan's graduation from college, he moved to Wilmington, NC to work in the film industry where he co-founded a production company, Twinkle Doon which launched the successful film festival

Working for many years in the demanding freelance film industry, Jordan traveled the world as he juggled film editing, art, design, directing, and producing. His need for more creative stimulation in his filmic art pursuits drove Jordan to Los Angeles where lives today.

Always creative and constantly designing, Jordan has developed a unique approach to film and photography. He launched Quick Blink Films, an artistic photography, visual film and media project company that represents Jordan's unique style.

In recent years, Jordan also founded and today runs Bonk Designs, a unique line of sexy bedroom gear for the exploration of sexual awakening and freedom. His companies mission is to bring confidence and happiness to his customers through products that will greatly enhance the enjoyment of intimacy, compassion, and sexual relations. Bonk Designs line of sexual furniture and enhancement products can be found at is a represents a sample of Jordans art, style and being.